My name is Tyler Barker and I am a recent college graduate from Heidelberg University where I played baseball, got my bachelor degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and began my love for non-alcoholic beverages and the community. My current pursuit in life is to help inspire people to do what they thought they couldn’t. I currently run a social media account called “nonalcoholicguy” where I create content for people looking to live a better life by drinking different. I’m also the co-creator of The NA Happy Hour. 

What is my relationship with alcohol?

I am not sober, but sober of drinking for the wrong reasons. My battle has always been with myself. I have ADHD and have struggled with anxiety/depression. Drinking was a way for me to fill the current voids I was afraid of fixing myself. Once I figured it out, my life changed completely. Currently I don’t drink too much, but I don’t mind an alcoholic beverage every once in a while.

What am I up to?
What I am currently up to is helping pave the way for The NA Happy Hour to bring more value to the non-alcoholic in many different ways (stay tuned), raising money for a cross country charity bike ride from San Diego to Charleston this April, and just started a new job as a Customer Development Representative for the nation’s largest home remodeler – Power Home Remodeling. Plus continuing to develop my “nonalcoholicguy” content on Tik Tok and Instagram!

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