This beer box, NA Beer Starter Pack is proudly brought to you by Ian, Chris, and Tyler. It serves as an introduction to the 12 highest quality non-alcoholic beers available in the US we recommend for beginners, sceptics, and non-alcoholic craft beer fanatics out there. This box is packed full of flavour, character and aromas that would be appreciated by anyone, from an avid NA beer drinker, someone looking to dabble in a more mindful manner of drinking, and even a lover of traditional craft beer. The box is ideal for introducing anyone to the new, and constantly evolving world of amazing craft beer that just happens to be non-alcoholic. As a team, The NA Happy Hour holds the 12 beers in this box in high regard. This box was fabricated based upon its quality and The Happy Hour’s collective knowledge and experience having tried almost 300 non-alcoholic beers.

The box contains a broad spectrum of beers including six IPAs demonstrating three different styles of IPA: West Coast, Hazy and of course Conventional. Accompanying these IPAs are three different styles of stout: Coffee, Milk and Dark, and finally three different ale styles: Amber, Golden and Pale. These beers display just how great tasting non-alcoholic beer can be drank at any time of the day. These beers are a collective that display the non-alcoholic sector’s best offerings from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean by having the best quality in taste, aroma, gravity, and flavour profile.

This box also offers a unique opportunity to meet a new community of mindful drinkers, as well as the box curators who meet every Sunday to share these types of beers via virtual Happy Hour. We eagerly await meeting you at one of these happy hours and hearing how much you enjoyed these beers! The Happy Hour takes place every Sunday at 12pm EST/5pm GMT on Zoom and can be accessed via the code: 822 2121 1931. The box can be obtained on our website,