My name is Sara Quiriconi, or more frequently called socially Live Free Warrior! I’m a curious kid at heart and a business-savvy sage in mind. I’m happiest near the ocean. My favorite movie theatre is on an airplane. My ideal dinner out is a fresh meal prepped at home or in the premiere lounge access in any airport. My most comfortable place is in front of the camera.

I create inspiring, storytelling and empowering content, interviewing, filming & speaking in various wellness, fitness and travel events. I’m playful, creative, dedicated, determined, passionate, and professional, as a student of life, human behavior, and the world around me. In addition to creating, in front of the camera I’m a model, TV Host and actor. Always a ham and a natural in front of the camera, being a chameleon of such to play and act different emotions and roles comes second nature.

One of my proudest accomplishments has been shamelessly writing an auto-biography called Living Cancer Free, illustrating my life lessons overcoming various struggles — being a 17-year cancer survivor, overcoming an eating disorder, leaping from jobs, relationships and locations that were destructive for me (a cancer), and striving each day to be my best and to #neversettle. The most important part along this adventure is to continue to share the life lessons, the journey and the inspiration with YOU warriors here on the following channels and links

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