To the Point-settia

From the first day I had the idea for this book I KNEW this had to be in it. The poinsettia. Every year in the Riley house, we serve these on Christmas Eve. It is a simple cocktail but when you mix everything perfectly, it shines and twinkles in the lights of the tree and almost becomes an ornament itself. When we serve these on Christmas Eve, I know it is Christmas, I know everyone is happy, and I know there is cheer in the air without a care. Next stop on that Polar Express is the living room for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Tyler’s review:

Simple yet one of my favorites in this book. A sparkling Christmas delight this one is! I really enjoyed the Cranberry juice and sparkling water with a splash of Sexy AF’s Triple Sexy to go with it. Well balanced with a smooth finish! Also looks beautiful in front of the Christmas tree! That’s always a plus.