This past weekend Chris and I participated in the Tuna 200, which is a 200 mile relay race from Garner, NC to Atlantic Beach, NC. Yes… 200 miles. Well technically it was 203 Miles but who is counting…. This might sound like a daunting task but our team shredded the road with our sneakers! Our team name was The Challenge to Conquer Cancer, which is a non-profit I am a part of that does cross country bike rides for cancer research. The lovely Tricia Severa (my second mother <3) put together a wide variety of runners. From Ironman participants and ultramarathon runners to athletes like me who prefer to never run:). We met a lot of great people throughout this grind of a race and hope to “run” (still not sure if I am going to get into running anytime soon lol..) with them again in the future. We also got to meet Matt Strain, who is one of our regulars on the happy hour. He is a legendary chef and true non-alcoholic beer lover. What is crazy is this man not only brought us non-alcoholic beers during the race, but his own cured meat as well. TOTALLY CLUTCH through this run from hell. 

Overall, this random experience of a 200 mile run was a blast I will always remember and plan to participate in again next year! I guess I’ll finally run outside and train for it!