Lump Of Coal

For those of you who have been feeling naughty, this is the drink for you. The Lump of Coal. And yes, there is coal in it to filter out the toxins so your heart can grow three sizes this season. This gin old fashioned came to me from a wonderful bartender here in Baltimore where I asked for a gin drink of her own creation. Once made, I took a sniff and guessed it was a gin old fashioned. She then added some charcoal dust in it to give it the signature look. I swear it is just for looks, you will not taste the charcoal. Stay on the nice list.

Tyler’s review.

This is the most unique cocktail I have ever had. I would never have thought to put some charcoal dust in a drink but it is possible folks. Overall, the presentation was an A+, with a decent taste. I’d rank the taste as a B. Nothing too crazy on the taste buds but still a delight. Hopefully all the coal you get this year is in your drinks! Stay creative friends!!