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Are you an avid drinker that loves beer, socializing, and your own health? Well you are about to buy the perfect beer box that consists of 12 of the highest quality non-alcoholic beer available in the US we recommend for all beginners, skeptics, social drinkers, and craft beer fanatics out there. The NA Happy Hour raises up these 12 beers and cheers to their quality based upon our collective experiences having tried almost 300 non-alcoholic beers! Click Here to order your box

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It seems like a fairly cut and dried question, “Can a sober person consume non-alcoholic drinks?”. At a glance, “yes” would be the obvious answer. Sober, meaning “unaffected by alcohol” and non-alcoholic drink meaning “a beverage not containing alcohol”, a match made in heaven, or is it?…. Click to read more

Featured on USA Today!

Our very own, Tyler Barker, was quoted in a recent USA Today article: “Sober living for everyone is rising in popularity as Chrissy Teigen, more ditch drinking”