Holiday Spiced Coffee

If you know me, you know I love coffee. This recipe for homemade spiced hard coffee is my own creation. I had been working on finding a way to spice up my morning coffee which lead me to think of a nice flavor pairing by adding spices to the roast I was using at the time to see what would happen. Turns out it was REALLY good. After more thought, I added whipped cream and some whiskey to the mix to make it a little more “naughty naughty” as one of my old professors would say. Coffee has always been something to enjoy after STUFFING yourself with food on the holidays. Enjoying a nice espresso or coffee with dessert is unbeatable in my mind. I hope you enjoy drinking this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Tyler’s review:

I am a fan of black coffee and whiskey so this was hard to stir me wrong. Overall, I really liked the complementary spices of the Ritual Whiskey with the coffee. I feel like the entire drinking experience of this drink is really dependent on this complementary mix. Also Chris’s touch of the whip cream was fantastic. Nothing better to top off a spiced coffee with! Out of all the cocktails he has made me, this one comes up as one of my favorites.