Fashioned with Maple:

This had to be the first recipe of the book. One of my own creations that came to me in a wave of pure autumnal inspiration. This seasonal take on my personal favorite cocktail will get anyone in the mood for fall. This maple old fashioned uses real maple syrup from the very trees at my high school in New Hampshire. Sipping this old fashioned reminds me what it means to sit back and relax. I have never been unhappy while drinking one! It is one of the first things I will share with friends when they ask me to make them a cocktail. This comes right from my heart and speaks to my passion for creating and adapting recipes.

Tyler’s review:

With all the positive build up from Chris on how this cocktail was going to taste, it definitely held up to his standards. I enjoyed the sweetness of the syrup with the bite of whiskey. I personally don’t like overly sweet drinks so I would not put too much syrup in it, but the whiskey really helped offset it. Ya don’t want too much of a sugar bombing going off in your mouth! Overall, really good and it is for sure one of my favorites in the book.