The Cranfizz

Ahh the gin fizz. A wonderfully bright cocktail that, in my mind, is the definition of effervescence. It is light, crisp, bubbly, chilled, and happy. The gin fizz is something I recently got into, along with my gin obsession. What turned me onto this was the added sparkling water. Gin by itself is fresh and light on the pallet but the added texture and feel of the bubbles from the soda water really make this one almost sparkle. To add some holiday festiveness to this mocktail, I turned it into a cranberry gin fizz. While there are many flavors and garnishes you can add to the drink to celebrate the holidays, I wanted to highlight the blush and red tones this one brings. I added a bit of orange juice to this and topped it off with some holly, ‘cuz why not. I mean come on, tell me you do not feel cozy just looking at this!

Tyler’s review of it

I have never had a drink like this before and I’d definitely have it again. For starters I do really like gin along with sparkling water so everything is looking up before even taking a sip. Overall, I really enjoyed this drink for because of the following reasons:

  1. Unique appearance- this drink screams Christmas cheer with the eye popping cranberries and the bubbly that brings it a pretty sparkle.
  2. Taste- The mixture of the sparkling water and gin gives it a special bite to it that starts soft then turns into a meatier bite as the gin gets more of your taste buds. 

As always, Chris’s cocktails are always worth a try due to their presentation, uniqueness, and dynamic ability to be a mocktail or cocktail.