MARGATE, FL, JANUARY 10, 2021 – Owner and Co-Founder of Mastermind Care Addiction Recovery Center in Margate, FL, Jeannie Barreda has helped struggling addicts to recover from drug and alcohol addiction for over ten years. Now, Barreda has embarked on a new venture designed to help men and women in recovery to find true love with other like-minded individuals.

Introducing the first-ever free dating app for clean and sober people, CASL, people everywhere can find singles in their area who share a clean and sober lifestyle. “We are people who have battled long and hard against our personal struggles,” says Barreda. “We have the right to be normal.” Initially launched in 2017, CASL had undergone a new and improved transformation in August 2020.

The app now has a whole new design, structured much like other popular dating apps with the “swipe & like” feature, SMS chat functionality, filtered di covery settings, and activity notifications/alerts.

To stay vigilant during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Barreda and his team have added a new video chat feature to the app, developed with a similar interface as FaceTime.

“This redesign is more user-friendly and allows users to communicate with one another on a more interactive level, with the added safety feature of video chatting to limit the spread of COVID-19,” says Barreda.

Now, any of CASL’s 30,000+ users can safely date online in an easy 3-step process – swipe, like, video chat! It’s that simple!

With CASL, dating has never been safer and more personalized. Those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can find the love they deserve with others on the same path towards self-betterment.

CASL is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Those looking for addiction treatment can also request a consultation to find the right treatment center directly on the app!

Barreda and his team are excited about what the future holds for CASL. In 2021, they plan on implementing an advanced matching algorithm engine to provide a more accurate matchmaking platform.