Apple cider. Aside from pumpkin spiced lattes, what says fall more than a warm cup of spiced cider? I remember doing yard work years ago then heading inside for some cider. It was not a tradition by any means, but it was a little something that warmed me from the inside. Once I got out of college I went through a really nostalgic phase and as a result, this cider kept coming back into my head. I am never disappointed when drinking warm cider on a cool fall day. This cider is sure to keep a house warm and cozy and will appeal to everyone’s sense of fall in New England.

Tyler’s review:

IT’S COLD PEOPLE! If you are where I am (currently chilling in Ohio for the holidays), this drink is superb. I’m a fan of apple cider, cinnamon, and being warm so this drink really provides these. I have no complaints in the slightest. Stay warm and mindful this holiday season peeps!